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you're the best I know

ETA: Current state of card! Updating here for my reference.

I am so stressed at work right now that I was nearly crying on my bike home. Does not help that tomorrow I'm probably going to get yelled at by CEO because I've been covering for J-the-slow these past two weeks while he's been on holiday (and catching up for him! I seriously have no idea what he does all day) and therefore haven't had time to do all of my stuff.

On the plus side, Hobbit trailer! It looks awesome. Although, to my disgust, people are already labelling Taruiel a Mary Sue just from this. Oh no, it's a women who looks like she's good at things! Contaminating the sacred all-male canon!

I also have a new hc_bingo card, which is fun. This is how I did last year. Red squares are completed&posted, blue ones I've written a significant portion of but never finished, and green are untouched. My card this year looks fun, too!

 photo 13hc_bingo_zpsa9a42242.jpg

I'm thinking that the two bottom horizontal lines look really easy... most of it is quite good! I am "hmmm" about Counselling and Magical Trouble, and very much DNW about De-age and Accidental Mating for Life (actually I'm a bit annoyed with that one, because I vetoed the whole "soulbonding and similar" category and this is worse than soulbonding, but I queried and apparently they don't count as the same. Well.)

Anyway, feel free to prompt me! Anything you know I watch, especially White Collar, Criminal Minds, Warehouse 13.

I am not currently writing for BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, or SGA.

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