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why don't you write me some candlelight

My November has so far been full of writing. I have as yet kept up with doing >1000 words per day, which I'm very pleased about! (I still have some to do before I go to bed -- the fourth trip on the X5 coach in a fortnight produced a "please make this be over" state rather than one conducive to writing.)

Things I am working on:

My nano (which is not being written to the word count standards of NaNoWriMo, nor is yet long enough for me to really call it a novel): 8100 (It is called Artifice and is about a steampunk-ish city on an asteroid, and teenage girls, and metal insects, and dubious fog.)

Hc_bingo: This is the current state of my card.

WIP squares
arrest: My third tag to 5x04. (Yes, I know.)
poisoning: Fallen London 'verse, Diana & Mozzie
body image issues: Neal and some heavy trauma, yay
hospital stay: Been writing this one for ages, using the square in a way which probably only I find hilarious
broken bones: I might write a different fic for this square, not happy with what I have

Other stuff: more assorted WIPs which I will probably attempt to cram into bingo squares when I post them because why not. Including the Sandy fic(s) which I have totally fallen into the trap of "I need to write something incredibly well-plotted and PERFECT" which is such a stupid thing to do because obviously writing something PERFECT doesn't really happen and I keep writing bits and then getting frustrated and deleting it all. /disappointed at self/

Also it is not writing but I knitted Eleanor some elbow-length Hufflepuff gloves and I am extremely pleased with how they turned out!

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