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[vid: master & commander] Stars

For cienna, Festivids 2013 Original festivids post

Title: Stars
Fandom: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Music: "Stars" by Heather Dale
Length: 02:59
Warnings: None
Beta: sholio

Description: The ship is their home.


Stars (Master & Commander) from frith_in_thorns on Vimeo.

Password: ship

Have you ever been on the road between holds,
As the sun falls away, and the darkness turns cold
And the moon will not rise 'til the night has grown old
And the only things left are the stars?

Those born as the heir, those who rule up above
With a kingdom forever held fast by their love
With all they can do, it will ne'er be enough
To reach the impossible stars.

Those born for the earth, who do work by their hands,
They sweat and exert their will over the land,
When the labour is done, their fatigue does demand
That they rest while the moon courts the stars.

Those born to the sea, with its roll and its swell
Know the faces and names of those patterns so well
And each night on the ocean's a story to tell
But the only observers are stars.

And those born with the fire within, burning bright,
Are inspired by moonglow, so cool in the night
And the fiery passionate sun shares her light
But there's no lady gentle as stars.

So to those of low bearing, and those born to fly,
To those who sweat, sing and sail under the sky
As we're born and we love, we grow old and we die
Watch impassive, eternal, the stars.

As we're born and we love, we grow old and we die
Watch impassive, eternal, the stars.

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