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Fandom stocking round-up

Fandom stocking post! :D

My stocking is here, and it has fantastic things in, you should check them out. Massive love to everyone! ♥

Detailed list:

A Leverage h/c Eliot fic from [personal profile] dariaw

A Mass Effect femShep fic from [personal profile] chase_acow

A Diana h/c fic from [personal profile] veleda_k

Another Leverage Eliot h/c fic from [personal profile] weaselett

A Rose & Snow fic for Once Upon a Time (in Space) from [personal profile] cosmic_llin

A wonderfuly angsty 5x09 tag with loads of h/c from sholio

A Snow fic for Once Upon a Time (in Space) from [personal profile] amaresu

Diana headings and icons from leesa_perrie AND cover art for Sense Memory

Cover art for Sunrise in Shades of Ice from kanarek13

A Diana picspam from love_82

Cover art for Falling from aragarna

Diana icons from [personal profile] cookiegirl

A behind-the-scenes picspam from aqwt101

A Briar, Aurora and Johnny fic</i> for Once Upon a Time (in Space) from [personal profile] glinda

Eliot h/c fic from [personal profile] evil_little_dog

And also a rec from [personal profile] fuzzyboo and Christmas wishes from [personal profile] sjh2009, tarlanx, [personal profile] silly_cleo, and [personal profile] twinsarein.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone! ♥

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