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they didn't mind her broken heart when they saw her pretty face

I signed up to trope_bingo but have managed to get the least inspiring card I've ever encountered :( Help me out by prompting me!

au: apocalypse au: romance novel sex pollen handcuffed / bound together au: college / highschool
rites of passage / coming of age food porn soul bonding / soulmates indecent proposal au: historical
sharing a bed matchmaker FREE

au: supernatural presumed dead
secret twin / doppelganger mind games au: fusion locked in forbidden fruit
metafiction poor communication skills au: crossover power dynamics friends to lovers / friends with benefits

The primary reason I don't like this card very much is because of all the sexual tropes. (And the ones that aren't are ones I've already done or just have no interest whatsoever in writing.) So when I say help, I mean give me ideas how I can fill them while keeping them gen or mostly-gen. Pleeeeeease!

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