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I feel I should do That Thursday Book Meme thing, just because I actually do like talking about books a lot but never really get around to it. I mean, I'm rubbish at actual reviews, but I love flailing about specific things!

What I've just read
The Will of the Empress, by Tamara Pierce. I was gifted Battle Magic by Eleanor's parents for Christmas, and it made me remember how much I loved the Circle of Magic books, particularly Tris. So I went on a Tris kick and re-read all of the ones with her. (Tris is a character I severely over-empathise with. She seriously is me, even down to looks! In temperament and even way of speaking we are identical. It's hilarious.)

What I'm reading now
How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea, by Mira Grant. It's a novella set in the Newsflesh universe, and it's my favourite one so far (I'm 62% through, according to my kindle.) In it, Mahir goes to Australia and is horrified by everything. It is hilarious and incredibly adorable, and Mahir was one of my very favourites in the trilogy so I'm delighted to have a whole story for him. Also I love the way that, as opposed to the rest of the world, Australia's reaction to the zombie apocalypse was, "Meh, the country's always been trying to kill us. This isn't terribly impressive."

My favourite bit so far has been Mahir's horror at being told that even if he's being attacked by a zombie koala, he could still get in deep legal trouble for shooting it. Because it's easy to get more humans, but koalas are endangered.

What I'm going to read next
Brsis lent me her copy of Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell, which I am really excited about reading! Although it has already been STOLEN by Eleanor, so I will need to wrest it back first.

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