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Bingo caaaaaard

It's hc_bingo signup time again! *does a happy little dance*

Although, hc_bingo is also the thing I'm totally the most embarrassed about having on LJ for my non-fandom friends to see. Like, "heeeey guys, I like you lots and I want you to think I'm cool, please don't judge me too much for my weird narrative kinks!"

Anyway. Card.

prostitution trapped between realities first transformation alien abduction electrocution
lacerations / knife wounds slaves kidnapping abuse hostile climate
fall from grace deals with demons WILD CARD gaslighting comfort food or item
planet destruction cuddling time travel gone wrong phobias de-age
nightmares unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding nausea forced to face fear heat stroke

As is customary, I'm taking prompts: particularly for the Toby books and for Star Trek Voyager, since I have recently fallen deeply in love with Janeway and Chakotay and their beautiful platonic devotion to each other and the canon's lovely supply of injurious peril for both. (I've got as far as the start of season 5.)

Also currently fannish about: Criminal Minds, other Seanan McGuire canons, Welcome to Night Vale, Vorkosigan Saga maybe, other things I've probably forgotten about but have read/watched recently. (Due to various factors, I'm on a White Collar break. I still love the canon, I'm just not reading or writing it right now.)

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