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Bioshock 2

Everyone should go and play Bioshock 2 right now.  Unless you haven't played Bioshock, because you should really play that one first.  I've been playing it for the last two days, and it was really worth me restraining myself from playing it during the last couple of weeks of term, because I didn't want to stop at all.  (I was, however, forced to at intervals by such events as needing food, needing sleep, and the computer crashing.)  It's extremely immersive.  I was so immersed that it was only when the computer crashed that I realised I hadn't thought about such things as actually saving the game for the previous hour.

And creepy.  I mean, the concept of a city called Rapture at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean is creepy enough, but it gets better.

Basic rundown:  You get to play as a Big Daddy, ie this.  The little girl in the picture is a Little Sister, and they can extract plot device ADAM from corpses with a big syringe.  Then they drink it.  Yum.  Anyway, as part of the plot you get to choose whether, after having basically farmed corpses using your latest Little Sister, you rescue them (turn them human again by extracting ADAM from them) or harvest them (which is basically what it sounds like - and you get a lot more ADAM this way).  (I'm too nice to harvest them, though.)  Also, you do have the drill arm in the picture.  And you drill your enemies in the face if you so desire.  Which I do, 'cos it's fun.  Also there's some incredibly dodgy genetics magic which lets you shoot fire, electricity, bees etc out of your hand.

So, creepyness.  Well, there are the dark corridors, the sea pressing in and often leaking in, the atmospheric music, the graffiti on the walls, the monsters, the mutilated corpses lying around, the voices over the radio, the little girls giggling as they syringe blood out of corpses... and then there's a sequence where you play as a Little Sister.  And for me this beat everything else, because they see the city completely differently.  It's all long curtains and soft golden light and rose petals on the floor and beautiful people in masks and suits and dresses... and beautiful dead bodies on the floor with glowing wings drawn around them.  And then when you start 'gathering' from them, you're flipped momentarily back into the reality and holy shit this is horrifying.

This may be my new favourite game.

And then I went looking for Bioshock comms, and found an anon/RP meme comm.  I have not seen this much distilled crack in one place, ever.
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