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Today I've been boarderline productive.  Well, I watched the BSG finale for a second time and cried at least half a bucket.  *Sobs at the memory of it*.  Yeah, I'm really easy to make cry with storylines I invest in.

I've also done quite a lot of writing over the past few days, which I'm pretty pleased with.  Some for 'Hush', a couple of experimental attempts at channelling Sheppard (I've yet to hear back about how well it went down with the person who's reading them...), and a surprising amount of 'The Long Star Mile'.  Seriously, I'm surprised, and not least at the fact that I've actually thought of an ending for it, which I can now write towards.  Been tentatively splitting it into chapters, too, and getting about 3000 words per chapter.  A couple more to wipe the blood up, and I'll be done.  (For the benefit of a certain few people reading this: yes, yes it is Rodney's blood.)

And I made a new msn account, so that I no longer have to pretend to be offline the entire time in order to avoid being deluged with people saying Hi! at which point the conversation pretty much ends because we haven't seen each other for years.  That sounds mean, but I'm not being really - I'm giving the address to all the people I actually see now, rather than people I went to primary school with.  In a bid to make this last paragraph actually relevent at all to the purpose of this LJ, the address of it is on my user info page, probably underneath my gmail one.  If you have nothing better to do, come and say hi, I'm bored :P

Also, the internet is still painfully slow.  BT broke it when they were 'fixing' the phone line, and won't admit it's their fault.  We should be getting 2MB - we're getting 0.13MB.  It's currently being 'monitered' by them, and if they can't deny it in 24 hours (which is unlikely...) they may come on Friday and fix it properly.  Can't say I'm holding out an overabundance of hope at this juncture...

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