September 23rd, 2009


oh how i love dan brown

For lack of motivation to do anything else, I read The Lost Symbol.  It made me glad I didn't pay any money for it.  Christ.

I made notes as I read it, which are below.  One of my friends wants me to tell her about it before she'll read it, so these were originally for her, but I thought I might as well post them anyway.  They might amuse or annoy you, depending on your viewpoint.

Cut for length, spoilers (although I've tried not to put down big spoilers), and a horrendously large amount of melodrama.

(Please note that one of the reasons I find Brown's books so infuriating is that they are bad fiction presented by him as fact.  Bad fiction on its own tends to be much less annoying.)

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To sum up:  No, I'm not very impressed.  But then I didn't expect to be.  I thought it would be better to be informed as to what the book was about, though.  Only lost a few hours of my life, after all...

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