December 1st, 2009


life, and stuff, and fandom

Dividing this up, since one half of my flist is from real life and the other half from fandom. My brain told me this makes sense, but it went into winter hibernation before I could ask it any follow-up questions.

Thought I'd make a random post, since I haven't done one of those for a while. And it's a new month, which I'm still surprised about, and I get to go home for Christmas on Saturday, which is even more surprising as it does NOT feel that I've just gone through an entire term. The weeks have disappeared, which is odd, considering how long the individual lectures lasted, but I suppose that's relativity, unless the Zoology department has a black hole hidden in one of its lower levels. This thought does not feel as unlikely as it should.

Weekend was good, since Boyfriend came to visit for our 4-year-anniversary, on which I dragged him to the Taruithorn mathom party (by prior arrangement!). I've run out of ways to describe mathom parties to people who aren't Tolkein-obsessed, so suffice it to say it's a party which involves giving away things you don't want to people who make the best bid for *not* needing them. I got a plant, since I've managed to kill by neglect the one I got last year (although I then gave it to someone else who properly wanted it), and Boyfriend got a sombrero. I really wanted the foam dart, but it got given to Laurence of Arabia (or the archive), and I got to play with it anyway. Then we had a nice weekend of not doing much, and went to a small Christmas party on Sunday, for which I made mince pies and brandy truffles, and felt very Christmassy. That was also fun.

Oh, I also had a Waterstones splurge on Friday. They were doing 3 for 2 on non-discounted books. So naturally I had to get three. And there were two discounted books I wanted too. I'm quite sad that I've already finished them all.

I think my sga_santa fic hates me. Things refuse to stop happening in it, and it just keeps on getting longer! At this point I'm very glad I'd assumed that I'd get most of it done after term was over, because it means I'm on schedule, with certainly over half of it written. Now I can just worry that my receipient won't like it, that I'll have interpreted what they want in a different way from what they *actually* want, etc. I guess I need to wait until I'm home, and then just solidly attack it and bend it to my will. Or something approaching my will. Certain characters just refuse to do what they're told.

Actually, I'm currently feeling quite guilty about this comm, as I went back and read a load of the requests a couple of days ago. I signed up pretty near the start, and it's my first fic exchange, so I completely failed to realise then how bad my request was. I thought that only setting vague parameters would be the helpful thing to do, but I've since realised that's really not the case, and probably whoever's writing for me really hates me. I basically set a rating limit, and said that anything under that would be fine, when it's detailed requests that actually seem to be the most helpful... so, person who's writing for me, if you ever end up reading this, I'm REALLY sorry for being a pain.