February 21st, 2010


another cockroach update

I was intending to post lots of photos of Spencer, but my camera's refusing to connect to the computer, which is annoying.  So there's one beneath the cut whichbaby_werewolf  took after our epic quest into the wilds outside Oxford city centre to find the Pets At Home store, where I could get a better tank for him.  (This was after she stayed the night and we made an obscene quantity of pancakes.)  Then we introduced him to e_pepys  (and fed him tea and pancakes) after moving stuff into the archive from his car.  (If anyone else from Taruith/OUSFG wants to meet him, I love showing him off and will also give you tea!)

Collapse )

For those who have asked - he'll live on pieces of fruit and cat biscuits, and get fed once a week.
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