February 24th, 2010


apparently, i'm crazy (what, you'd noticed already?)

I'd quite like to participate in the sgabigbang  this year.  Scratch that.  I really want to.  For some reason, everyone I've spoken to about this has only encouraged me (especially baby_werewolf ), which may not be a good thing...

Anyway, what I want to write is a sky pirate AU, where Teyla's the captain of a sky ship, and John's the first mate, and Ronon's the navigator and strategist, and Rodney's the mechanic.  Sort of like The Edge Chronicles (It's a book series for older children, and I don't know if it's heard of outside the UK, but I hope it is!), but a bit more steampunk-y.  And Atlantis can be a floating city.  And, and, they'd be sky pirates with awesome clothes and awesome flying ships and chases and duels and....

I'm very sure that this AU has already been done, but I don't think I'll actually go and hunt others out, because my brain's firing off ideas already and if it turns out that someone's already written them then I'd feel obliged to come up with new ones instead.  Ignorance is bliss?

Anyway, yeah.  I think I'm rapidly approaching the point where talking me out of this won't be possible anymore.  But some sane part of my brain is still going "you have to grow up more before you're allowed to write proper long stories", "do you actually think you can write stories which aren't self-indulgent h/c", "you know nothing about how to make up sky ships" etc. 

So, oh wise flist, please give me validation for my decision, because I am truly pathetic in this regard :P