March 12th, 2010


question and meme

(I had a dream last night that I asked one of my old English teachers this question, and she shouted at me and told me that I was wrong.  You guys'll tell me whether to listen to her, won't you? *g*)

This is about my sky pirate AU, which is now quite a way through the planning stages, and which I shall start writing next week during a terrible period of having no internet connection.  (I'll also be skiing, but it's the lack of internet I'm currently dwelling on...)

Basically, since it's an AU, the characters won't be American/Canadian.  So would I be able to use British English instead of American?  This is because steam/clock-punk is heavily based on Victorian England anyway, and there are probably a hundred little words about sailing ships that are different in the two dialects, and they're wearing trousers and waistcoats and braces, and also I still can't take the word 'pants' very seriously.  So unless anyone tells me I'm not allowed to, I probably will use BrEn in this.  Opinions, plz?

And now a writing meme, which I stole from teh_elb :

Tell me about a story I never wrote, (eg, "The one where Aziraphale is a 1930s Chicago mobster") and I'll write you a snippet from it.

Fandoms: SGA, Sanctuary, Criminal Minds, Edge Chronicles, Discworld (City Watch), CSI (any), NCIS (either)