March 30th, 2010


Bioshock 2

Everyone should go and play Bioshock 2 right now.  Unless you haven't played Bioshock, because you should really play that one first.  I've been playing it for the last two days, and it was really worth me restraining myself from playing it during the last couple of weeks of term, because I didn't want to stop at all.  (I was, however, forced to at intervals by such events as needing food, needing sleep, and the computer crashing.)  It's extremely immersive.  I was so immersed that it was only when the computer crashed that I realised I hadn't thought about such things as actually saving the game for the previous hour.

And creepy.  I mean, the concept of a city called Rapture at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean is creepy enough, but it gets better.
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This may be my new favourite game.

And then I went looking for Bioshock comms, and found an anon/RP meme comm.  I have not seen this much distilled crack in one place, ever.
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