April 8th, 2010


cornwall and stuffs like that

Just got back from Cornwall, where I've been staying with Roz-who-doesn't-go-on-LJ-enough-for-me-to-link-to-her.  Second time I've visited her now, and again I really enjoyed myself.  Proof that you can indeed make 'real' friends online, whatever the disapprovement my grandparents expressed when my mum mentioned this to them!  She also bribed me to write a CSI NY fic again, for the first time in a year.  I'm not sure I'm going back to it, though, since I really am far too fed up with that fandom.  Anyway, we went on as many walks as we could despite the rain, and went round lots of little Cornish villages, where we visited lots of charity and second-hand-book shops, from which both I came away with far more books than I'd intended buying - but books are the one thing I can always justify!

Certain books, anyway.  My sister's just been trying to tell me that Twilight is a really good book, and if I vehmently disagree, that's 'only my opinion', and 'it's just a story'.  Not quite sure how to verbalise my burning disagreement properly, I withdrew.

Much to my surprise, while in Cornwall I actually managed to get my sgahcchallenges  story in on time, and also to reply to most comments (about to reply to the rest), although I haven't really used the internet for much else -- I haven't been ignoring everyone who's posted things, honest!  Oh, I also signed up for the atlantisbigbang as a writer -- although I have the feeling that I may live to regret this!!  (On this note, baby_werewolf , you said you'd sign up as an artist.  You aren't going to disappoint me, are you? ;P)  There're also the sticksandsnark  stories for me to read -- this is great!  :D

Oh, there's revision too.  Tomorrow I'll have passed the halfway point through my incredibly long and boring textbook, and then I can feel proud :)