May 18th, 2010


at least it's not another meme?

Guys.  Guys.  I have OVER 9000 words of my big bang story written now!

...yeah, I'm so mature.  What, you'd noticed?

In other news, I have done nothing produtive in the last 24 hours since I started playing Dragon Age, which was a really stupid thing to do during Trinity term, but it's an awesome game.  I still prefer FPSs, but RPGs are growing on me.  I do wish I could isolate 'real life' feelings and 'game feelings' though - I feel ridiculously guilty at the idea of not giving the politist answer possible in all circumstances, and for asking for rewards for doing side-quests.  Also I *really* want Morrigan to like me, 'cos she's awesome, but she doesn't like it when I'm nice to people and do aforesaid ridiculous side-quests like getting a child out of a hiding place or whatever.  I'm not cool enough for a fictional character.  T_T

ETA:  Also, there is a distinct lack of dragons so far...