June 24th, 2010


it's over

I have finished my exams.  Seriously, I cannot express my relief at this coherently enough or completely enough - they have eaten up my life for the past month and a half of revision and now they are GONE.  And I don't think I did too badly.  Evolution & Systematics definitely went better than Plants & Microbes, but I was expecting that.  I think I got phytochrome(red) and phytochrome(far red) the wrong way round, which worries me a lot, but I probably should stop worrying about it.

I had the most lovely awesome post-exam meeting ever.  Since I have an official doctory note stating that I am a Very Special Snowflake I take my exams in a little room in college on my own, while everyone else is over in the main exam schools.  So when I came out into the main quad susannajoy  and Eleanor were there with the most amazing mobius paper chain which they wrapped me in and a paper flower garland to go on my head.  It was lovely :D

Now I get to go home and do exciting things like read books which are about neither plants nor evolution and have no statistics and names of genes in.  Also I get to go to the Lake District with TolkSoc on Saturday for a week - I can be excited about that now!!!
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