July 8th, 2010



So I'm heading off to a 5 day LAN party tomorrow with about 50 other people (mostly guys).  Because it's the 5th LAN organised by these people I was commissioned to make some "fancy-looking" cakes to celebrate, in return for a £5 discount.  I've spent most of today (I'm not kidding - about 10 hours) in the kitchen making them, and right now I think I might "suggest" that I get a discount to the next one too, because methinks Shazz has no idea how much work baking and decorating cakes is, even amateur ones.  And right now I'm very tired.

Anyway, the cakes!  Top one's vanilla sponge with raspberry jam filling and bottom one's chocolate with chocolate butter icing filling.  The design is based on the game Team Fortress 2, which is the general favourite at these particular LANs.  It's a shooter with loads of classes which are recognisable in silhouette form, so I went about recreating that.  Character choices on the cakes are not arbitary, but contain too many in-jokes for me to bother explaining. Decoration is all fondant icing, apart from the slightly wonky piping which was butter icing, and they're each sitting on a standard size baking tray, to give some idea of size.  They're also higher than they look here, and the glaze is still drying, so they do look better when not camera-flash illuminated!

Just hoping that people like them when I get them there tomorrow!
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