August 29th, 2010


squee!! and some misc

- sholio  wrote me a fic for avatar_minis on DW!  It's really awesome and lovely and adorable, so you should check it out.
The Art of Tea and Conversation (on DW) and on Livejournal

- schneefink  drew a picture for my chronically-unfinished sky pirate AU!  Go check that out too, because I love it.

- I'm off to Spain tomorrow with Esvan and his parents for a week, so will probably have no internet at all during that time.  Actually, no internet has almost become normal for me, that's a worrying thought!

- I need to tell you all about my EPIC CANOE ADVENTURE with baby_werewolf , but that'll have to wait until I'm back from Spain because I'm lazy.

- I plan to do lots of writing during this week.  And crochet.  It might even happen.
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