September 8th, 2010


in no particular order

Look at that, I'm back from Spain. It was very hot. Well, I was back yesterday evening, but I've been catching up on everything.

--  Apparently I've missed LJ announcing to do something monumentally stupid to do with Facebook. Everyone's talked about this already, so I'll just add my voice to those promising to NEVER cross-post anything of anyones' to Facebook or Twitter.

--  While I was away my father used my not-cheap cake-decorating icing syringe thing (which I didn't buy from a local shop, so can't easily replace) to apply cement mix to the bathroom he's doing up, damaging it beyond repair in the process. Shockingly, I am not happy. Even more shockingly, he doesn't see what the deal is and got angry at me for 'over-reacting'.

--  He's also hinting that I'm not being trite enough over my borderline 2.1/2.2. Guess what, I do care. I'm disappointed that I didn't do better after a term of revision and panic and stress. But I admitted that last summer, so fool me once etc.

--  Trying to get your boyfriend to see things from a feminist (or LGBT) perspective can be rather like slamming your head into a brick wall. And being told off for the incredibly faint possiblity of causing structural damage.

--  If the show 'Huge' does not get a second season I will be very, very upset. It's the best thing I've seen on TV for... well, I can't remember how long. Seriously, go and watch it, or at least read some of the recaps at Fatshionista to get an idea of how awesome it is. And then watch it.

--  I really want a new gen Kindle. So shiny. I've spent today coming up with justifications, like being able to read journal articles in pdf on it, saving on either paper or my eyes, but the truth is that I just love gadgets too much.

--  I owe lots and lots of people fics now. I do have a list, and will probably post it in the next day or so because when you all tell me how bad I am it may inspire me to get the hell on with something which isn't getting angry at posts on sf_drama  or crocheting more dinosaurs. (On that note I made Esvan a brachiosaurus, but forgot to photograph it and he's gone back to uni now.)


--  I've been finding that my icons are pretty badly labelled, so they're hard for me to find and keep track of. Basically, I need to do a mass re-name of them all in a standardised format (ok, ok, so this isn't urgent, but it bugs me like you wouldn't believe), which means that everything except for AtLA icons, which are labelled sensibly since they're the most recently loaded, currently attached to posts or comments will reset to default. I'm sad about this, but I've been putting it off forever. This probably isn't a big (or any sort of) deal to anyone apart from me, but I feel the need to defend doing this anyhow.