September 28th, 2010


post of random stuff about life and tv and fics

--  Someone I know from the CSI:NY fandom came to stay with me over the weekend, which was very nice, since my parents are on holiday so I've got the house to myself (with my sister in occasionally, but she's usually out). I had fun showing her some of Herefordshire, and we took part in the Malverns By Moonlight walk for Macmillian - there were several hundred women walking along Malvern ridge in the dark, and it was really cool to be part of that. I can't remember the distance in miles, but it took us about two and a half hours. We didn't bring torches because I couldn't find them, but other people had them around us, and there was also an incredibly bright full moon.

--  I aquired and watched the pilot episode for Sherlock. It was pretty interesting just for seeing the difference between a pilot and a finished product - even little things like music which you don't often notice, but makes a startling difference when there's only some very generic bits to highlight especially dramatic scenes. Sally was better in the show (and Anthea wasn't in the pilot at all), so maybe they'll contine with the upward trend in the next season. Interestingly the case was solved by Sherlock much faster, right when he's first making his "who hunts in the middle of a crowd?" speech - but of course that cut loads of the drama (although I think most of the audience guessed then too). They also cut out a bucketful of Sherlock h/c from the script, sadly.

--  I've heard some things about Bones. I'm very glad I stopped watching it last season. Same with House, and CSI:NY. The last, especially. You fire your leading lady during the break for not sitting back and taking a pay cut while none of the men were being asked to, and then don't even give her a goodbye episode, or any real mention at all? Really, CBS???

--  (**CSI spoiler**)  Why is it that leading characters on US television seem to be mortally afraid of taking painkillers even when, say, they're in the hospital having lost a kidney after being stabbed repeatedly by a psychopath using a pair of broken glasses??? I know Drugs Are Bad, yadda yadda, but so is pain imho.

--  I'm trying to decide whether and how many Christmas fic exchanges to sign up to. Since at the moment I seem incapable of writing unless I have either/or a very strict prompt or a very strict deadline, it seems to me to be a good idea (I'm looking at sga_santa , holmestice , and yuletide). So I should think about what to put in the forms, which always confuses me. I mean, in eg SGA I'll pretty much write any pairing, but my pairing-fic always seems to end up as Gen-With-Cuddles (and h/c if I'm allowed). So I feel that I can't offer to write pairings because people then probably want some relationships in which the characters don't basically act as if they're asexual. I'm just not at all sure how I would go about writing 'normal' relationships - I'm wary of writing characters feeling certain ways when I'm only guessing based on other stories I've read or something. Or maybe I need a firm kick to get me out of my comfort zone. I need to think about this.

--  Stargate Universe starts again tomorrow! Many of you may not be, but I at least am very much looking forward to it :P Bets being taken now on who's dead...