January 20th, 2011




You know when you have a sort-of-crisis (except that can't be what it was, not when you've apparently left the source of stress and you're being a good little daughter and not wanting to say anything's wrong), and as a result of that you basically drop out of life and fuck up every. single. fic exchange you entered, and are then so ashamed of this fact and terrified of people yelling at you because of it that you don't feel you can do more than lurk for ages while you try and build up the spoons to actually do the owriting but it never happens, and then you get lonely because you've just out the majority of your human contact but still don't dare to post anything on your journal or do more than drop a couple of random comments here and there because if you don't look then you won't have to acknowledge that you have emails from people sitting in your inbox which you haven't dared to open because you don't want to face even a bit of everything you're trying to hide from?

Yeah. Um. Sorry.