December 11th, 2011


[fic: white collar] Dreaming Through The Noise

Here is some White Collar fic! I wasn't even meaning to write it but while I was reading all the fills posted at collarcorner I came across this picture prompt (from back in April, no less) and it ate my brain. And I'm posting it quite quickly before I can start going "No that's strange and rubbish, don't post that" and it ends up abandoned in my notebook like the, um, (checks) twelve other various-fandom fics since July. So yeah. Please forgive any roughness.

Title: Dreaming Through The Noise
Pairing/Rating: Gen, T
Word count: 2500
Content/Warnings: Sleep deprivation.
Summary: It took longer than it probably should have for Neal to realise he was seriously in trouble.

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