February 7th, 2012


and I've read all the books on your shelves and in your nooks

- I have dyed my hair purple. Specifically, violet. I think it looks rather good. Currently it's still rather dark, but it will brighten and then it will be wonderful.

- I JUST HANDED IN SOME WORK FUCK YES. This is a pathetically big deal. I'm feeling rather guilty over how nice all my tutors are being to me, so this is good. Especially as I spent the last week metaphorically curled into a ball.

- I was ridiculously amused by the TolkSoc practice quiz (for our match against Cambridge) last Friday. Especially as Team Skyrim beat Team Second Best (they came up with their name first, even!) by about double the points, even with Andrew the quizmaster penalising us for bad jokes and also tactical gambles. We are really not a society to take ourselves seriously.

(Andrew: Which direction did the second gate of Monas Tirith face?
Me: Do you mean Minas?
Andrew: It says Monas on my bit of paper. So that's the question.
Graham: Is the correct answer that it doesn't exist?
Andrew: No. I'm in charge.
Other team: West.
Our team: South.
Andrew: South-west. You both lose.)

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