February 13th, 2012


rose red lies in her wife's caress, her face now free of her life's distress

- Two of my housemates today individually decided that since Katherine has a chest infection they were going to do the shopping for once! Sadly they didn't inform me (or each other!) of this and I went anyway, which turned out to be a good thing because they pretty much both only bought things you need for cooked breakfasts and none of the other groceries we needed. XD XD I love my housemates, guys. Also the look of utter surprise on F's face when I pointed out we could freeze one of the bottles of milk rather than try and drink all of them before the use-by date was rather priceless.

- Despite aformentioned being ill (which I still am, and it's So Boring) I was out late both weekend nights, because people I love had things on. First there was a Mechanisms gig, and then there was the panto by Lashings Of Ginger Beer. IE two nights in a row of Musical Queerness. Which is, of course, always epic. (If you are in Oxford and haven't seen either of these groups then I am clearly a terrible friend for not having dragged you along before.)

I'm now amused by how both groups involved a love story with Cinderella and another woman. Although the panto involved significantly fewer galaxy-wide-wars and death of pretty much everyone than the Mechanism's Once Upon A Time (In Space) cycle *points to song-lyric of the day*. (Yes, these are my friends. Also, they keep trying to get me to write fanfic of their band characters XD)

- Eternal Law has finished airing after only six episodes (if there isn't a second season I may cry) and I still haven't written my post about why everyone should be watching it. This is remiss of me.

- Best Idea Ever:


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