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Sooo, Mass Effect 3 is coming out this week! Sadly I have to wait until Friday, because US game distributors hate Europe or something.

HOWEVER. Bioware have actually made a trailer for FemShepard this time! (Which is especially nice given that they spent the first two games not acknowledging you could play as a woman, but that's a general problem with video games.) And the trailer itself is pretty amazing. I mean, it looks like a film trailer. The graphics, oh my heart. ♥♥♥

I basically think everyone should watch this trailer (If you like action, and AWESOME FEMSHEP KILLING ALIEN!ZOMBIES that is!) :D It's not got an embed link, so go and watch it at EW in fullscreen.

I love Shep already. Guess what I'm going to be spending my entire weekend doing! :D


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