April 8th, 2012


people gonna see you how they want to see you

One thing I especially love about visiting Roz in Cornwall is that we always get loads of writing done in the evenings, usually via the game of putting loads of random words/phrases/lyrics in a ha, picking three out, and then writing a quick snippet in half an hour or so. (With wine.) Since CSI:NY is our shared fandom, that's what we write for each other, and I always remember how much I love Stella. This is what I've ended up with from this holiday:

- A scene where Lindsay is caught in an explosion and Stella looks after her

- Stella and Don arguing over whether they're lost or not

- Something where Mac's been in a car crash, probably after having been kidnapped

- A different explosion scene (I like writing explosions, okay)

- A ficlet where Stella meets Susan Sto Helit from Discworld. (I may actually post this one to AO3 or somewhere, because it amuses me)

- Half a story where there are time loops and Stella's trying to make it so that Mac doesn't die

- A scene to do with mirrors - I basically have no idea what's going on here, which is always a good sign

- Story where Mac and Stella are trapped in a sinking car. Because when you have canon trauma it's always fun to repeat it. Or something.

- A sky-ship AU where Stella, Lindsay and Jess fight creepy metal bugs and set things on fire. (I kind of want to write more of this, but like all my AUs it will probably never be finished.)

Oh, I also spent a good portion of the week trying to convince her to watch White Collar :P It may have worked. And I'd kind of love to see Stella and Diana interact in fic, I think they'd get on really well. (Also, helle_d, Roz says she could see Diana/Garcia as a ship! So we're now up to three people who support it :D)

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