May 8th, 2012


[fic: white collar] Miles From Where You Are

I have had it pointed out to me that there is almost no functional difference between how I write Gen and OT3 in this fandom. Except that OT3 fic gives me an excuse to put slightly more snuggling in.

Title: Miles From Where You Are
Characters/Pairing: Neal/Peter/Elizabeth
Genre/Rating: Angst, h/c; PG
Word count: 4500
Warnings: None
Notes: Completely shameless sick!Neal fic, written for sahiya's prompt on the running hot meme.
Beta'd by helle_d, with an unnerving amount of giggling at my melodramatic angst. Title is from a Snow Patrol song.

Summary: Prompt: Peter and El are away for Christmas at El's parents' house when Neal gets sick. Because it's the holidays, there isn't anyone around to look after him at June's. He tries to hide it from Peter and El when they call, but is completely unsuccessful.

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