June 2nd, 2012


I have no excuse for this

HELLO. I am now quite drunk, and I felt like making a post. You know, like I swore to myself I would never end up doing. Sorry.

There was a garden party at Magdalen which was nominally because of the Jubilee but actually so the JCR could have an excuse to spend upwards of a thousand pound son Pimms. (I'n not joking. Really. I'm not. Actaually, other Oxford people probably won;'t be surprised.) There was a cardboard cutout of the queen and some people punted up and stole it. IT WAS WONDERFUL.

So I was planning on spending this eveneing working on my big bang fic. This... no longer seems like such a good idea, for obvious reasons. IT IS A SERIOUS FIC. lol no it's not

Instead, leave me prompts and I will write you drunk-fic :D (spelling and grammar are optional.)

ETA: Okay, I'm now going to go sleep/read more Vorkosigan books. Everyone else gets fics in the morning, because I am still not very good at drabbles, so they've been getting longer and longer and all the evening has gone :P

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