June 4th, 2012


it's one, two, three on the wrong side of the lee

I was going to watch Leverage, but Grimm turned out to be easier to find a torrent for, so hey, that's what I've been watching. I liked the first two episodes a lot.

The third, however, was about bees. And bee-people called Mellifers. And ARGH THE BEES WERE ALL WRONG AND BEES DO NOT WORK LIKE THAT. *cries for a while*

So yeah, I didn't really pay much attention to the plot of that ep, I was too busy cringing in horror :P But it's a fun show. I like Monroe especially, and the coroner is awesome. Although, she does appear to be the only woman in the entire police department, sooo.

Also, ohai Sam Adama. Nice to see you. Interesting career change, from assassin to police chief, but Portland is probably safer than Caprica City! Did you bring your husband with you?

ETA: "Notice the iris is fully dilated, nearly filling the eye completely." Um. That's the pupil, Coroner. Thanks for that.

ETA2: And that's not a toad. It's a frog.


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