June 13th, 2012


you won't make a dime in this grey granite mountain mine

Does anyone (proskynesis, maybe?) want to come with me to see Close the Coalhouse Door at the Oxford Playhouse next week? Details and times here - I'm flexible about which performance to go to.

Blurb: "Led by two of Britain's foremost theatre artists, director Samuel West and writer Lee Hall, Close the Coalhouse Door is an exhilarating ride through all the major strikes, victories and disappointments in British mining history. Told with a wry smile, sparkling dialogue and moving songs by an extended family of wives, vicars, sons, daughters and the miners themselves, the show has all the irony and lively mischief of Oh What a Lovely War and the dark grit of Our Friends in the North, both of which were previously brought to the Playhouse by Northern Stage."

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