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14 June 2012 @ 09:29 pm
Apparently I haven't posted any fic for nearly a month, unless you count the prompt drabbles. Not sure how that happened — no, actually, it's because I'm really bad at finishing fics without getting distracted by new!shiny!plot! at the moment. I started this one in April. *cries*

Title: Lost Your Way
Characters/Pairing: El, Neal, Peter; Gen with canon E/P
Genre/Rating: H/C
Word count: 2200
Warnings: None
Notes: My entry for the challenge at whitecollarhc. I'm more-or-less on time for once! This is also filling a prompt from kriadydragon on collarcorner.
Unbeta'd because I have no time management skills.

Summary: Elizabeth was supposed to be having a quiet evening in.

When the doorbell rang at half past seven in the evening, Elizabeth didn't know who to expectCollapse )

- - -

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14 June 2012 @ 11:26 pm
My degree results come out tomorrow.


And first they make us go to the zoology department and have a year-group photo and then there is a reception "during which you will have the chance to chat to your Examiners and lecturers" and then we get our results. And then we go back to college and see our tutors. It's a little... sadistic.

I might not even attempt sleep tonight. Not sure it's going to happen.

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