June 17th, 2012


Lin pic-spam, Part 1

Everyone who hasn't been watching Legend Of Korra, you really should have been. LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT ON.

By which I mean, Lin Bei Fong, the Chief of Police. She's an earth- and metal-bender and is completely, utterly awesome. I thought I'd do a picspam of her, which I'm splitting into two parts, partly to save on loading times and partly to cut down on spoilers a little for people who haven't seen the most recent episode yet. (Most of the caps are from later eps - although she had some wonderful scenes earlier, particularly in ep 6, lots were very dimly lit so don't show up very well.)

I'm trying to minimise important spoilers. Mostly they're pictures of Lin fighting things.

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Link to Part 2

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