June 27th, 2012


five minutes in an egg-timer rings to clip off our carefree flapping wings

I do not like job interviews. This is my thing I have learnt today. Although, it was nicer than every other interview I've ever had (I'm not counting TeachFirst under 'job' because it bore way more similarities to my school scholarship interview than it did to this one.)

Anyway, I am waiting for the Odeon to ring me back, which they said they'd do this evening, but it's now gone half eight, so I probably didn't get it. JOYS. Not sure where to try next - Waterstones, maybe. Bleh, it was much easier not being an adult.

- - -

My "supposed to be working on" fics are being so uncooperative at the moment. (Also, I cannot write sex scenes. This appears to be a fact.) Well, my wcpairings fic is mostly done, but I'm kind of really annoyed at my BB fic. I'm still writing it, but I'm really doubting it's going to hit 10,000 words. ARGH. I used to be able to write long-fic (I think my longest hit 35k, and not that much even happened in it! It was just some characters being slowly crushed in a collapsed building!).

Although, all my long ones were chaptered, which I guess might have had something to do with it -- I did have most of it written before I posted, though, so it's not like I kept on making up new stuff. What I did enjoy doing was writing up to cliffhangers. Because I'm kind of a terrible person in many ways.

Also, I kind of feel my BB fic isn't really interesting enough for a BB. It's just one of my general stories, but it goes on for longer. (And has actual plot.) So maybe I'll just finish it and post it normally.

- - -

I have not much else to say? Oh, except that I've watched a season and a bit of Hawaii Five-0 and I really, really like it. It's extremely fun and happy, and I love the characters. So that's nice, especially as I ended up massively disappointed with Grimm.

- - -

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