July 27th, 2012


[fic: white collar] Love is a word too small

Look at this, I've actually written relationship!fic. Eventually. I'm rather nervous about it.

Title: Love is a word too small
Characters/Pairing: Elizabeth/Peter/Neal
Genre/Rating: Romance, angst; Teen
Word count: 5300
Warnings: Not-very-explicit sex
Notes: This is my fic for ivorysilk in the wcpairings exchange, for her prompt "an OT3 love story".
Thank you to helle_d and rabidchild for the help!

This is basically my interpretation of their relationship from canon — I love the OT3 ship, but I don't see El and Neal wanting the same sort of relationship between them as El and Peter have, or as I can see Peter and Neal having. So this is my (slightly clumsy) attempt at writing that.

Summary: There are plenty of ways to be in love, and to be together. And there aren't always maps.

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there are sailing ships that pass all our bodies in the grass

It is so warm. Amusingly, all the WIPs I'm invested in involve being cold, so I haven't been able to write them at the moment XD I'm not complaining about the heat, though -- I vastly prefer it to being cold, which I've spent most of this year being. So I've been spending a load of time sitting in the field down the road with my notebook and writing stuff.

(Except for the past couple of days when I've been on my computer stabbing my wcpairings fic with a stick. FEELINGS ARE COMPLICATED AND MESSY CAN I JUST MAKE NEAL FALL OFF A BUILDING NOW.)

Other stuff: I watched White Collar with theoret. I like watching stuff I'm fannish about with other people who are fannish, it makes it so much fun. Also her mum gave me a German Friendship Cake. It is a self-replicating cake, guys. There will be endless cake! (helle, you will love it!)

I also have somewhere to put my stuff now that doesn't involve me paying extortionate self-storage prices! :D But I need to start looking for jobs. I'm rather terrified of the prospect. Interviews. Interviews are absolutely terrifying. Bleh.

Oh, I keep forgetting to ask if anyone else is on Twitter. I had a spare account (for one of my Echo Bazaar characters) so I'm now using that for friends and stuff. Not that I don't love my other one, but it's so full of politics and activism that, although it's great as a literal news feed, updates from people I know get buried! So, I'm @frithinthorns, add me :) (Warning: I'm not particularly interesting :P)


I shall finish this rather disjointed post by pasting in an extract from an email my mother sent me earlier:

"We went to Charmouth, but all the beaches were closed because of the rock fall where that poor woman died last week. Anyway I am afraid we were naughty and went on the beach anyway, so we had the beach to ourselves most of the day until some other disobedient people came along in the late afternoon. The coast guard came along to inspect the cliffs and they said 'Do you know this beach is closed?' and we said 'Yes' but they didn't tell us to move. Then the harbour master came along in a boat and said the same thing. Then later they came back and took our names and phone number, I suppose so they would know if there was a rockfall and we were dead, who we were."


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