August 24th, 2012


here on these cliffs of dover, so high you can't see over

Yes, I'm sorry, more house updates.

So, turns out that the landlords were probably dealing in bad faith all along when they tried to illegally threaten us with eviction, and then offered to release us from the contract. Because as soon as we took them up on the offer, they withdrew it. General opinion is that they were just trying to scare us and call our bluff.

So we're stuck here for a year. And there still isn't any internet, which automatically makes everything ten times worse (and I can't even play computer games or anything because Steam needs a connection to sign in. I need to look into how much those internet dongle things cost). But E and C have agreed that I don't have to deal with the landlords in any way, down to not even reading emails from them. Which is manageable, I think. (This sounds really quite pathetic of me.)

I'm so massively far behind on everything I should be commenting on -- I'm really sorry. Hopefully I shall eventually catch up? (I have internet this weekend, patchily, because I'm not at the house.)

Anyway. Stuff.

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