August 31st, 2012


[fic: white collar] Someone Watching Over You

This fic now has art! By [personal profile] analisegrey/[ profile] moonlit-dreamer.

Title: Someone Watching Over You
Characters/Pairing: Neal/Kate, Peter
Rating: T
Word count: 2800
Warnings: Rather a dark fic.
Notes: Written for the "resurrection gone wrong" square on my horrorbingo card. I'm also using this for the "unconsciousness" square on my hc_bingo card. Beta'd by helle_d, and the quote in the summary is by Vladimir Vernadsky.
Please feel free to message me if you want me to elaborate on the warning; I know it's vague. This fic also contains supernatural themes.

Summary: "Atoms, once drawn into the torrent of living matter, do not readily leave it."

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don't go for coffee in art houses

I may have gone and bought an Eee netbook purely so I can take it to cafes and steal their wifi, since we're not being connected up until the start of October. It's very shiny. I'm currently trying to decide on what to name it. (All of my tech shinies get names, except my phone for some reason. So far I have/had Lucy, Athena, Rodney, Zelenka, Osiris and Matilda.) This one may end up being Miles, because it's little and clever.

Also, it has spellcheck! I apologise to everyone who's had messages typed from my phone. I am a terrible speller.

In my internet-less state I've been doing quite a lot of writing. I've also finally got around to typing up a lot of stuff from my notebook that had been languishing for a while. And I'm still aiming for a blackout on my hc_bingo card. So, things I am currently working on that I'm hoping will eventually see the light of LJ (as opposed to things I have which I'm more meh about):

~ I am resurrecting my Diana (and Neal)-centric casefic, which is a crossover with Criminal Minds and has Diana/Garcia as a ship. I came up with this ship in January, and I will go down with it :P It also has dead bodies and explosions. I really like writing explosions. Going to be a while before it's finished, though.

~ A wingfic I started ages ago for a prompt from elrhirhoden. This is pretty much ready to post, actually, although I think it should really have a sequel because it doesn't really go anywhere much.

~ One where Neal wakes up in a prison cell and can't remember the last few months.

~ An apocafic. Of which I have written very little, but I have plans for more. Whee, doomsday viruses. It has Peter and Neal and Diana trekking to try and find El and Mozzie, who managed to escape the city before it was quarantined.

~ Some Diana h/c I promised to surreal_14 in April *headdesks*

~ A fic I promised to sholio at around the same time *headdesks some more* Neal goes off the radar to find Peter, who's gone missing, and (naturally) gets into trouble himself. Then Diana and Mozzie have to team up to try and solve the whole thing. This is going really slowly because I keep making a mess of it, argh.

~ Various random bits of h/c. Mostly for Neal (shockingly), and being written to various prompts around the place.

I wonder how long I can stay in Burger King on their wifi before they kick me out...

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