September 20th, 2012


at night when work is over we'll continue the debate

We now have a complete house: Celia moved in a few days ago. One of the first things she asked was, "So, when do I start watching White Collar?" She also wants to watch Avatar: tLA.

So far the three of us are getting along as housemates WONDERFULLY.

We introduced her to White Collar with the summer finale, which theoret has continued to bring us in our internet-less exile. Theo did not see the reveal coming. I did. helle_d did. Celia did. *gg* It was a good episode, although hard to write tags to. (Priorities!)

Celia also ships Peter/Neal already. Or, as she put it, "But I don't even have to! The show's doing it for me!" Then we watched the first two eps of AtLA, which she also loved. She has very good taste, clearly :D

And now there is no White Collar until January, which is extremely sad (Theo: "I would genuinely let myself be covered in ants if it stopped White Collar going on hiatus!"), although helle and I have already agreed we will keep up TV Wednesdays with Theo, as it's a lot of fun. Theo's talking us into watching Teen Wolf. We may regret this.

At some point in the evening I ended up promising Theo and Eleanor that I would write them a post-anklet bakery 'verse. So I guess this is now a thing I'm working on?

In news that isn't about TV shows, well, not much else interesting is happening in my life. I'm still looking for a job. I've been playing a lot of Skyrim. Also, even the incredibly slow and unreliable mobile internet I've been depending on in the house seems to have (hopefully temporarily) gone down. I have full phone signal, but no internet for the past few days. Woe. I'm about five fics behind on my big bang reading now, not to mention everything else people are posting, and I feel like a bad friend. Twelve days to go until we're supposed to get the actual internet connected...

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