September 23rd, 2012


[fic: white collar] What You See And What You Get

I actually finished a Big Bang! This is the first time that's happened, so I feel very proud :) Also, this story actually has plot and stuff! (As well as hurt/comfort. Shockingly.)

Title: What You See And What You Get
Characters/Pairings: Peter, Neal, Elizabeth; Gen with canon Peter/El
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 11,000
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Author's Note: Thank you very much to soteriophobe for reading early drafts of this and being extremely helpful and supportive; also to helle_d for excellent beta-ing, listening to me angst endlessly about this fic, bringing me tea, and cheering whenever I took out italics.
This fic counts for the "loss of vision" square on my hc_bingo card.

Summary: Peter's off work, injured in a bad takedown, and worrying about his future. But the case isn't done with him or Neal yet.

The awesome art is by soteriophobe. She did me three pieces! One below, one as a footer, and one you should view as a page on its own.


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