September 24th, 2012


bow to the one whose favour you bear and strive in their honour to ever be fair

My big bang fic now has art! It is lovely and I am so happy :D Thank you soteriophobe!


I was informed a few days ago that GoodReads has a phone ap. Which means I may actually use it, as I pretty much always have my phone with me, so add me! :) However, don't expect any very insightful comments about books read. I get asked sometimes why I didn't do English beyond GCSE (age 16, for comparison with other school systems), and my answer is that I hate reviewing/analysing books. So I've been treating the review section on GoodReads as if I'm writing Twitter statuses.


Lastly: following some more... interesting... communication from our landlords, in which they applaud how normal our personal possessions seem (as opposed to?) and contest all of our annotations to the inventory (the walls aren't dirty, they're just marked), we've finally decided on a house name.

There are no faults in Ba Sing Se.

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