November 11th, 2012


we'll stretch out so long, and hope we don't sever

Rather late signal boost, because I'm generally a rather late sort of person. But there's still time to go and vote in the latest LAS round. The prompt was "The end of the world (as we know it)" and there are some really good stories.

The main post is here.

I am still really behind on everything that's been happening on my flist. I owe so many people comments that I've actually lost count. And then I keep making posts promising to do better in future... yeeeeeah :P

This was intended to be a more interesting post, but I've forgotten whatever it was that I was going to write. Maybe I shall remember in an hour or so and spam you all again...

Oh, also, just as information: I've had to turn anon comments off on my journal. I don't want to, but I've been getting 10-15 spam comments per day, which has been really really annoying :(

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