November 29th, 2012


my heart's across the ocean, but I'm just fine

It's nearly the end of mini_wrimo! I am astounded that I have kept up my aim of writing at least 500 words a day through the entirety of November. On Saturday I shall party :D (At my computer. Quietly :P)

Other things that are ending: Sandy relief auctions. My thread is still here. That will be the next thing I work on, once I've got my fic together for my advent day. (I need to check what my day is, too.)

Ummm... I don't think I have anything else right now. So have the music meme I've seen floating around everyone's journals :)

Go to your music collection. Type in these words, and post the first song that comes up.

Happy: Happy Alone - Earlimart
Love: No One's Gonna Love You - Band Of Horses
Hate: Whatever You Want - Vienna Teng (Valid. And nothing else came up.)
Light: No Sunlight - Death Cab for Cutie
Dark: I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab for Cutie
Good: Goodbye Mr A - The Hoosiers
Bad: A Bad Dream - Keane
Smile: God Put A Smile Upon Your Face - Coldplay
Cry: Crying Shame - Jack Johnson
Girl: Gold Guns and Girls - Metric
Boy: The Boy Done Wrong Again - Belle & Sebastian
Sad: A Sadness Runs Through Him - The Hoosiers
Lost: From My Own True Love (Lost At Sea) - The Decemberists
Night: Propane Nightmares - Pendulum
Day: End of the Day (Silence) - Blue Foundation
Wolf: Wolves at Night - Manchester Orchestra (Close enough.)
Robot: Robot Boy - Linkin Park
Dance: Born To Be A Dancer - Kaiser Chiefs
Time: The Times They Are A Changin' - Bob Dylan
Life: Life For Rent - Dido
Death: Death And All His Friends - Coldplay

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