December 3rd, 2012


oh, when the Red Rose, it comes a-marching...

Attention all.

Due to some dubious decisions on their part, and some hacking on mine, I now have power over some of the flow of information/terror/debris left by the Mechanisms on their journey through Space. To wit, join [community profile] the_mechanisms, the soon-to-be hub of their growing fandom, for news, discussions, and fanart of Tim and Jonny fighting Harry Dresden on Twilight Sparkle.

Actually, that requires further illustration. (Click the above link for bigger.)

If any further introduction is required after that: The Mechanisms are a band of immortal space pirates, travelling the universe on the starship Aurora, spreading death and destruction, story and song.

In their first album, Once Upon A Time (In Space) they tell of how they stood witness to the rise of a rebellion, the fall of a kingdom, and the breaking of a heart.

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