December 5th, 2012


I don't want to bend, let the bad girls bend, I just want to be your friend

Fandom_stockings are going up! Mine is here. And I have an entire browser window full of people I want to write things for. I think I'm probably going to use this opportunity to try and write things for people in tiny fandoms I don't usually write in (things like Fallen London, Eternal Lols Law etc). Because, since I'm actively trying to promote Once Upon A Time (In Space)/[community profile] the_mechanisms at the moment Sentient space pirate ships! Fairytale reworkings! Awesome women! All the canon femslash!, I think the least I can do is spread it around.


Unrelated: I also seem to have started making a fanmix entitled "dysfunctional Neal&Peter songs". So far it has "Lost Kitten" by Metric and "Piano Pieces For Adult Beginners" by Woodpigeon. I blame several people. (Most of them are me.)

This is apparently also the week in which I fail at getting to bed at sensible times...

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