December 26th, 2012


christmas night, it clutched the light, the hallow bright

Christmas is over, which I'm rather pleased about. I ran away to Esvan's after Christmas dinner (I'd forgotten how nice long walks in the dark through the countryside can be, even though I had to go by the roads because the fields were pretty sodden), and I'm still there. I have now finally seen The Avengers, and games of DOTA2 are currently ongoing.

Also I have been writing things for fandom_stocking while Esvan's been playing DOTA. So far I have White Collar fic and Mechanisms fics, for Once Upon A Time (In Space). Sadly only two people besides me requested Mechanisms fic, and it would probably be rude to write it for people who didn't :P But I am getting so into writing it! Particularly Rose Red/Cinders, because TRAGIC DOOMED LOVE AND SPACE BATTLES.

(On that note, hedge_backwards and anyone else who's interested, stockings still seem to be being posted today, so you could still sign up!)

Also, I started out by trying to write quite long fics for the stockings. Considering I have an incredibly long list, this is not at all sustainable and everyone else is probably getting context-less h/c :P

And apparently we only have a few days left before this round of hc_bingo is up! I... think I'm going for the amnesty period.

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That is probably all for now. I should go do more writing.

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