February 9th, 2013


I fled to the stars with you, my love

Ulysses Dies At Dawn

Steampunk space-pirate band The Mechanisms ([community profile] the_mechanisms) are crowdfunding for their second album, "Ulysses Dies At Dawn", following the overwhelming success of "Once Upon A Time (In Space)".

In their own words, what's in it for you if you help their efforts:

* A shiny album of dark musical storytelling?
* OK, you're a hard sell. Have a look at the list of perks. There should be something there to tempt you, from our personal remarks on your CD taste to an opportunity to have a small hand in the Mechanisms universe.
* ...We'll give you our eternal gratitude?
* Still no good? I guess you'll just have to move along, then. Sadness.

Seriously, these guys are fantastic musicians, and lovely people. And we need to encourage the musical sagas about Queer People In Space...

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