February 10th, 2013


[fic: the mechanisms] Falling

Today is very much [community profile] the_mechanisms day. The début performance of Ulysses Dies At Dawn was a few hours ago and it was fantastic.

Therefore, I decided that this was definitely the impetus to post the fic I wrote for Once Upon A Time (In Space) which I have been poking at for way too long. (And now I'm trying to think of a good way to categorise posting fics for canons within canons, argh! I suspect this problem will have to wait until I write UDAD fic, or general Mechafic.)

Title: Falling
Characters/Pairing: Cinders, Rose; Pre-ship
Rating: T
Word count: 700
Notes: Written for [personal profile] amaresu's [community profile] fandom_stocking.

Summary: The war is lost, and the Princess's surrender the only formality left.

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