March 14th, 2013


she said, these wasp nests, these contexts in your head

...somehow I'd managed to pass the past few years on LJ without ever being aware of what Fandom March Madness was. But then theoret gave me a complete rundown yesterday evening complete with dramatic re-enactments of Gossip Dan, and now I've spent the last two hours reading it. Oops.

Everyone seems to have it as read that Joan Watson is going to win, which makes me DELIGHTED. And suddenly I'm also very invested in wanting Katniss to beat Hermione. Basically I don't even.

ETA: Now helle_d are having stanning across the landing for Katniss vs. Hermione. Srs Bsns.


This seems like a good time to announce that helle_d and I are dating and have been for a month. RL reaction from friends is overwhelmingly, "Wait, you weren't before?"

...although I did ask her out by saying, "So this is probably a weird question, but are we in a relationship?". So.

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