March 22nd, 2013


pretty hands do pretty things when pretty times arise

Because a) I'm a masochist, b) I find writing challenges hard to resist and c) I crumble under peer pressure, I have signed up to love_bingo. Because when I'm spending all my spare time with plot bunnies eating my brain, what I obviously need is more of them! (I am doing so much writing at the moment! Actually finishing all the things I'm working on... not quite so much.)

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That is... not as impossible as I was expecting, actually. There are quite a lot of squares which are not too far outside my comfort zone.

(Favourite square: "Feelings". That seems very open to interpretation. Any feelings? Can I just use that for any fic in which a character displays emotions? *gg*)

Prompt me, yes?

*has urge to write grimly subversive fics for at least four squares*

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